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I help independent restaurateurs build resilient businesses

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Working hard is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Other factors are needed to contribute to your happiness and wellbeing and create transformational shifts in the way you approach work and life. For example, trust and resilience are skills we need to re-learn for remote working; adapting to the new boundaries of working from home; managing stress and burnout; the switch to a more gig-based economy; and the need for constant learning.


When you need somebody who has been there and done that who can help quickly level up your team’s skills, operations, marketing, processes or just facilitate change in your organisation.

Education & Training

I create personalised training programs for individuals and teams in everything from simple operations, mixology, health and safety and more.

My core skills:

  • Operations
  • Business Processes
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Finance
  • IT, Web & eCommerce
  • Wine & Cocktails Menu Design
  • Health & Safety

That’s me in Barcelona in 2014, one of my favourite cities, sampling the culinary excellence of the many tapas, pintxos and cervecerías that abound in the city.

I opened my first restaurant in 2007 in Weybridge, UK and grew the business to five sites by 2020.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

My process is simple. It’s all about finding a workable solution to your problem. It can sometimes take a little digging to get to the root of the problem, but as long as your committed to take these steps then we can create amazing results.

Ready to start?

If you are ready to take the first step and have an informal chat about how I might be able to help you in your business, then ...

All queries are replied within 48hrs Mon-Fri.

Take the Initiative
Take a read through the Blue Book Insights on the blog and, if you like my approach ...
Schedule a Meeting
Contact me and we can arrange an initial conversation to explore your needs further.
Work Together
If there's a good fit, we agree the terms of the results we will achieve together and get started.
Transformation Completed
We will measure our results as we progress and create a lasting solution.
When I was in my earlier 20s figuring out life, during my time at Meejana, I asked Ed lots of questions about the fundamentals of business and running a restaurant. I still apply Ed’s business lessons to this day. I am grateful for Ed’s knowledge for teaching me the ropes of business.

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