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That’s me in Barcelona in 2014, one of my favourite cities, sampling the culinary excellence of the many tapas, pintxos and cervecerías that abound in the city. I enjoy exploring new cultures and experiencing their food, drink, art and entertainment, as well as writing, watching sci-fi, fantasy, and more recently political dramas.

I opened my first restaurant in 2007 in Weybridge, UK and since then have both expanded this site into the old Indian restaurant next door, and opened 3 other sites also. My fusion of events, restaurant marketing, logistics, and IT experience helped get established but there were many lessons learned along the way. I learned everything from the basics of dining room service all the way up alongside my directorial duties and developed my marketing, financial, hr, and operations skills along the way. About the only thing I haven’t touched on is the actual cooking.

As a hands-on business owner, my core skills are broad:

  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • HR, Recruitment & Immigration (Tier 2 General)
  • Business Processes
  • IT, Web & eCommerce
  • Wine, Cocktails (and Food) Menu Design
  • Health & Safety
  • Restaurant Design (from a logistics point of view)
  • Planning Applications & Building Regulations

Feel free to contact me if you need any business support, or if there is an area you would like me to write about.