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    Q&A Chewsday: Just Eat vs Bespoke Delivery Systems

    Chris Eke emailed me about my recent post regarding Just Eat: I just read your post on ‘How does Just Eat work for Restaurants?‘ and found it really interesting! I do have a few questions if you don’t mind, I understand you’re probably very busy, so no rush. From your experience, do JustEat provide their own drivers to most restaurants signed up to them? Or do many restaurants have their own delivery drivers still? Yes to both. You need to check availability in your area as Just Eat don’t operate a delivery fleet as widespread as Deliveroo or uberEATS (yet). Some restaurants prefer to use their own drivers as they…

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    How does Just Eat work for Restaurants?

    In my last post, I talked about how the Deliveroo ordering process works from the point of view of a restaurant. In this post, I will walk through the newest entrant in the delivery space – Just Eat – and contrast how the process works. This is from the view of a restaurant outside of a busy urban area (like London), so your mileage will vary in more densely-populated areas. Just Eat Onboarding Just Eat take care of the whole process for you and send you what is basically a hefty piece of hardware about the size of a stack of dinner plates (or an EPOS system with cash drawer).…

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    How does Deliveroo work for Restaurants?

    Deliveroo is one of the market giants in the food delivery sector. The delivery market hasn’t changed massively over the last couple of years and has been more about consolidation with the ‘Big 3‘ taking the lead: Deliveroo, UberEATS and now Just Eat. Amazon Restaurants came and went (and then invested in Deliveroo in Series G). But I digress. Restaurant Set-Up When we first joined Deliveroo 5 years ago, there was no set-up fee and they sent you a printer and ordering tablet for you to receive orders. However, times have changed and Deliveroo wants a large wedge of your cash as a set-up fee to onboard you, input your…

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    Why we left Quandoo

    Quandoo was born in Germany and set out to ‘disrupt’ the restaurant reservations space since competitors like Open Table were charging a fortune for the service. That’s what they told us when we signed up shortly after they launched in the UK. Having recently read Blue Ocean Shift I now understand what it truly means to be a disruptor versus developing new business ideas to (Blue Ocean) Shift the business into a completely different dimension. ‘Disruptor’ is, sadly, an overused word meaning “doing the same as other people with a small twist”. Quandoo’s Disruption? Quandoo’s angle was to charge differently. You had a smaller monthly license fee plus the standard cover charge…

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    The Tip of the Hospitality Iceberg

    Tips. They have been the hot topic this week in the UK with major chains coming under fire for not passing on all – if any – of the discretionary service charge to the staff. There has been outrage in all quarters about this, and some dubious PR involving utilising the discretionary service charge to ensure a ‘living wage’. There have also been calls for the abolition of the tip in favour of a straight wage. Unfortunately, there is no law on the subject of discretionary service charges, and – like it or not – even the BHA’s codes of practice say that an operator can retain some of the…